Directions and Maps

Looking for maps and guidance to our office? Our About Page has all of that for you.


Preparing for Your First Visit

Whenever we welcome new patients, we are required to take and enter their information into our records. A great way to save time waiting for your first appointment is by filling out your registration form in advance. You can view and print out the form by clicking the button below.

    In addition to your registration form, please also bring the following items with you to your first appointment, as applicable:

    • Your driver’s license (or other photo ID).
    • Any insurance card(s) you may have.
    • Copies of X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans related to your current condition.
    • Copies of other medical records related to your current condition.
    • The shoes that you wear most often, or shoes that cause you problems.
    • Any over-the-counter or custom orthotics you may be using.
    • A list of all your questions or concerns. It can be easy to forget what you would like to ask when you arrive at the office, and we want to ensure that all your questions are answered!

    Additional Patient Forms

    The forms below are for patient records and reference. These do not need to be signed or returned to our office.

    Patient Handouts

    If we have recommended a handout to you regarding after-care instructions or the use of various equipment, you can find online copies by clicking the button below.

      Pay Your Bill Online

      We use InstaMed, a secure means of online payment. (We also accept standard forms of payment, too.)

      If you would like to make your payment online, click the button below to do so!