How Orthotics Work

Orthotics for your feet most often come in the form of inserts that can be placed within your shoes. They can be made from different materials depending upon their intended functions.

  • Accommodative orthotics tend to be made of softer materials, with the purpose of taking pressure off strained or sore areas.
  • Functional orthotics tend to be made of harder, more rigid materials, with the purpose of providing more control over how the foot moves.

An orthotic can have elements of both types, dependent upon need.

Orthotics also come as pre-fabricated devices, or can be custom-made to exactly fit the shape and needs of one’s foot.

Custom orthotics will be the preferred option in most cases, but pre-fabricated orthotics can also be very useful. If you are still considering whether custom orthotics may be best for you—or are waiting for a custom pair to be finished—we can provide pre-fabricated options in the interim.

Pre-fabricated orthotics are not as likely to provide maximum relief as orthotics made especially for your foot shape. However, any relief that can be provided is often welcome; and there are some (usually more minor) cases where they provide full support and comfort.

Are Orthotics Right for Addressing Your Foot Pain?

Orthotics can be a very useful tool in many situations—but not all. Some cases may include orthotics as part of a comprehensive plan along with stretching, footwear changes, and other methods. Some cases may not benefit from orthotics at all.

Whatever the situation, we are here to help you find the answers you need. Schedule an appointment at our Webster Street office by calling (415) 426-7771 or by filling out an online contact form.